Tuesday, November 28, 2006

State News-Tuesday, Nov. 28th

WASHINGTON (AP) - A Dubai-owned company will accept final bids within two weeks for the sale of all 700 (m) million dollars' worth of its U-S port operations to an American buyer. The sale was forced by concerns over terrorism security. D-P World acquired the operations at Philadelphia and several other major ports when it bought a London-based company.

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - Harrisburg Mayor Stephen Reed is scheduled to present his plan for addressing the city's financial crisis at tonight's City Council meeting. The city has a deficit of 13-point-eight (m) million dollars. The mayor has said the city needs ten-and-a-half (m) million dollars to blunt that.

WASHINGTON (AP) - A suburban Philadelphia company that got a patent for a gas-pedal innovation is heading to the U-S Supreme Court today to defend it. Limerick-based Teleflex got a patent in 2001 by combining two existing innovations. At issue in the case to be heard today is whether combining those two ideas was obvious.

PITTSBURGH (AP) - Attorneys for a Pittsburgh T-V station are due in federal court this afternoon. They want a judge to issue an injunction against former K-D-K-A ex-employee Carey Robinson, who, the station says, illegally recorded phone calls and gathered confidential salary information.

MOUNT PLEASANT, Pa. (AP) - Three Pennsylvania hunters are dead, at least two others accidentally shot themselves, and four others got lost but were rescued in the first day of deer season on Monday. Hunters in McKean and Erie counties died of apparent heart problems. A third man died when a deer jumped through the windshield of his pickup truck.


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