Monday, November 27, 2006

National and International News-Monday, Nov. 27th

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Police and witnesses claim U-S forces shot and killed ten Iraqi civilians in a Baghdad suburb last night. The U-S military isn't confirming the attack. Meanwhile, Iraq is lifting a curfew that closed Baghdad's airport to civilian flights for three days.

WASHINGTON (AP) - A draft report from the bipartisan study group on Iraq isn't specifying any timetable for a U-S troop pullout. Officials who've seen the report tell the New York Times it recommends talks with Iran and Syria to stem the violence in Iraq.

WHITE HOUSE (AP) - Just days after returning from Asia, President Bush is heading overseas again today. He will fly first to Estonia, then to a NATO summit in Latvia where Afghanistan will be the main topic. Bush meets Iraq's prime minister in Jordan mid-week.

UNDATED (AP) - It wasn't a bad holiday trip home overall but 15 inches of snow near the Canadian border with Washington state slowed things down. There's a winter storm watch near Duluth, Minnesota, today. Western and southern Wyoming have winter storm warnings and a snow advisory is out for southeastern Oregon and southwestern Idaho.

ATLANTA (AP) - Atlanta Falcons' quarterback Michael Vick is apologizing to fans for using his hands for something other than passing. Vick used both hands yesterday to deliver an obscene gesture toward fans as he walked off the field after the Falcons' fourth straight loss. He cites frustration over the defeat.


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