Tuesday, November 21, 2006

National and International News-Tuesday, Nov. 21st

GENEVA (AP) - U-N chief Kofi Annan says the U-S is "trapped in Iraq" and he's urging Washington to carefully consider the best time to pull out. He also tells reporters in Geneva the war could have been avoided and U-N inspectors "should have had a bit more time."

HONOLULU (AP) - President Bush says he's waiting for the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group before deciding his next moves in Iraq. Bush is in Hawaii on the last leg of his trip to Asia. He will have breakfast with U-S troops today.

DETROIT (AP) - Domestic models have been shut out in a new insurance industry list of the 13 safest vehicles. It's due mainly to a new requirement that all cars and sport utilities on the list have systems to keep them stable in an emergency.

NEW YORK (AP) - O.J. Simpson says he's "legally muzzled" from commenting on News Corporation's decision to cancel a project about his ex-wife's slaying. The television and book project featured Simpson describing how he would have killed his ex-wife. It was met with harsh criticism.

LOS ANGELES (AP) - "Seinfeld" co-star Michael Richards says he's deeply sorry for hurling racial slurs at two black hecklers last week. Richards made a brief appearance on David Letterman's show last night. One veteran publicist fears the rant will ruin the comic's career.


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