Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blog from Shenandoah Murder Trial

The prosecution in the Commonwealth v Derrick Donchak and Brandon Piekarsky has rested their case this afternoon.

After calling about a dozen witnesses, the Schuylkill County DA's office ended testimony with 18 year old Josh Redmond, one of teens who was at the scene of the fight between Luis Ramirez and some of his friends.

As was the case with earlier testimony from some of the others, Redmond admitted that he didn't tell the truth when interviewed by police to protect his friends.

Redmond said he did see Colin Walsh "sucker" punch Ramirez and he fell to the ground.

But, he didn't see anyone kick Ramirez in the head while he lay in the street.

Redmond did say he believed that Ramirez was the aggressor that night in July at the Vine Street playground.

Redmond did not consume any alcohol that night, and is not charged with any crimes by authorities.

In earlier testimony, two expert witnesses, a neuropathologist and forensic pathologist both took the stand to explain post mortem findings as to the injuries suffered by Luis Ramirez on July 12th.

The defense begins calling witnesses Thursday morning.


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