Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blog from Shenandoah Murder Trial

One of the original three teens charged in the beating death of Mexican illegal Luis Ramirez took the stand at midday.

Colin Walsh, who was originally charged the same as Brandon Piekarsky.... third degree murder, ethnic intimidation and related counts.

Now, Walsh told his story, and by cooperating in conjunction with a federal plea to violation of the Fair Housing Act pertaining to violation of Ramirez's civil rights, Walsh could do 4 to 9 years in jail.

The exact amount will be at the discretion of the US Attorney. Walsh was walked through the events by DA Jim Goodman, including what happened when all the boys met the following day at Brandon Piekarsky's house.

Piekarsky's attorney Fred Fanelli tried to again poke holes in the different variations of testimony given by Walsh.

Walsh did admit that he took the Feds' offer because the others involved appeared to be pinning everything on him alone.

Finally, Walsh did disclose that he was willing to accept whatever sentence he's given.

In another development, about a half dozen students from Shenandoah Valley have been in attendance at the trial over these two days, in spite of possible sanctions that were instituted by the Shenandoah Valley administration and board last week.

School officials have been in attendance to monitor it.


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