Thursday, December 01, 2011

Today's News Thu. December 1, 2011


Pottsville City Council To Raise Taxes With 2012 Budget

At their meeting on Wednesday evening, Pottsville City Council looked at the proposed 2012 budget for the city, and, if passed, there will be a slight increase in property taxes. Inflation, and increasing costs related to contracts and material costs have contributed to the need for more revenue. Every city department has closely examined their budgets, and severe cuts in spending were implemented to reduce the deficits, but there was still a $100,000 shortfall that necessitated a 0.6 mill tax increase. The new tax rate for property owners will be 18.18 mills, or $18.18 for each one thousand dollars of assessed property value.

Last Day of Operation for Mahanoy Plane Post Office

Wednesday was the final business day for the Mahanoy Plane Post Office, and now residents will have to travel to Frackville for their mail. The owners of the building that housed the post office decided not to renew their lease, and the Postal Service will have to consider a permanent solution for delivery of mail to residents of the area. Wednesday saw the arrival of the truck from Reading that carried all the Postal Service's property from the building. That also included the mail box that stood outside. The Frackville post office is open from 8:30 to 4:30 Monday through Friday, and 8:30 to 11:30 on Saturday, and if any residents affected by the loss of home delivery are unable to get to Frackville, they should submit a request for special delivery service through the Frackville office.

Auburn Borough Sewage Plant Contaminated With Oil

Workers at the Auburn sewage treatment plant noticed a strong smell of fuel oil in the facility, so sampling procedures were initiated, and it was discovered that there was contamination in the system. A wastewater management company was called to the scene, and cleanup efforts were completed in a short time. Samples have been sent out for testing, but it appears that a small amount of diesel fuel or home heating oil got into the sewer system somehow. It appears that there is not a long-term issue, since no other traces of oil have been found since the clean up was completed. It was most likely introduced into the sewer system from a residence, because the storm drains in the borough do not empty into the treatment plant.

Pine Grove Borough Issues Water Boil Advisory

Pine Grove Borough authorities have issued a water boil advisory for residents of Whispering Pines, American Legion Boulevard, and First Street. There was a water leak in the area that resulted in a pressure drop within the water system. When this happens, it can allow back flow of contaminated water into the distribution system, and this water could contain disease-causing bacteria. As a precaution, it is best to purify drinking water by bringing it to a boil for at least one minute, then allowing it to cool before using it for cooking or drinking. For additional information, residents may contact Pine Grove Borough at 345-3555. The borough will notify residents when the water-boil advisory is no longer in effect.


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