Tuesday, January 30, 2007

National and International News-Tuesday, Jan. 30th

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Attacks targeting Shiite Muslims marking a holy celebration in Iraq have killed more than 30 people. At least 25 people were killed in two bombings near the Iranian border. Seven died when gunmen shot up a bus taking pilgrims to a Baghdad

WASHINGTON (AP) - The man who is about to become the top American commander in the Middle East concedes a couple of U-S mistakes in Iraq. Admiral William Fallon says the U-S miscalculated the ability of Iraqi forces to take control and underestimated enemy persistence. He faces a Senate confirmation hearing today.

WHITE HOUSE (AP) - President Bush is focusing on the economy this week and his spokesman says many Americans don't realize how robust it is. Bush today will showcase a Caterpillar plant in Illinois as an example of how his tax and trade polices can create American jobs. Some experts say Bush is taking too much of the credit.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (AP) - Police in Youngstown, Ohio say they're looking for whoever shot and killed three men and a woman. The bodies were found inside a house last night, all with gunshot wounds to the head. Police declined to comment on a possible motive.

LAS VEGAS (AP) - It's another year of bragging rights for Oklahoma as the home of Miss America. Lauren Nelson, an aspiring Broadway star, won the pageant last night. The last time a state won back-to-back titles was in 1960, when Mississippi's Mary Ann Mobley crowned Lynda Mead as Miss America.


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