Wednesday, January 24, 2007

National and International News-Wednesday, Jan. 24th

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - The U-S death toll in Iraq has risen to at least three-thousand-66 since the war began, with the deaths of two more Marines in combat. And there are reports that some of the five American civilians who died yesterday were shot. They had been in a helicopter crash.

CAPITOL HILL (AP) - The Senate Foreign Relations Committee today takes up a resolution opposing President Bush's troop buildup in Iraq. Even if they don't support the Democratic plan, more and more
Republicans are voicing their concerns about the president's strategy.

CAPITOL HILL (AP) - Even though Iraq is getting much of the attention, President Bush also focused on domestic concerns in his State of the Union address. He urged a 20 percent cut in the amount of gasoline used, and changes in the tax code to encourage more people to buy health insurance.

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Bush administration is once again proposing to give poor students vouchers for private schools. It's part of the president's No Child Left Behind initiative. But the voucher proposal is unlikely to be approved by the Democratic-controlled Congress.

PARK CITY, Utah (AP) - A film that features the rape of a 12-year-old girl is creating quite a stir at the Sundance Film Festival. Despite calls to boycott "Hounddog," child actress Dakota Fanning defends her performance. The movie is up for a prize in the dramatic category.


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