Saturday, July 29, 2006

National News, Saturday July 29, 2006

TYRE, Lebanon (AP) - Israeli planes have been pounding targets
in Lebanon. They've flown 120 missions over a 36-hour period, as
Hezbollah guerrillas escalated their attacks on Israel. Secretary
of State Rice is heading to the region again to see if she can help
broker stability.

SEATTLE (AP) - A suspect is in custody in Seattle in connection
with the killing of one woman and the wounding of five others at a
Jewish organization yesterday. Workers at the center say the man
claimed to be a Muslim angry with Israel.

CAPITOL HILL (AP) - Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid vows that
Democrats will kill a hybrid bill passed by House lawmakers
overnight. They approved an increase in the minimum wage -- but
Democrats are fuming that Republicans paired it with a cut in
inheritance taxes on multi-(m) million dollar estates.

FRESNO, Calif. (AP) - Forecasters predict temperatures in
California will return to normal this weekend after a deadly
two-week hot spell. The heat is blamed for as many as 141 deaths,
most of them elderly people.

BOSTON (AP) - Officials at a Big Dig construction company are
questioning the authenticity of a worker's 1999 warning about the
Interstate 90 connector tunnel. They say they can't locate the memo
the man says he wrote to his bosses. He says it warned that ceiling
panels could collapse. A woman was killed when panels fell earlier
this month.


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